Windows 10 Store

From concept to realization. My work on the Windows 10 Store has shaped how Microsoft gave users access to digital content throughout the Windows 10 Platform, through desktop and Mobile. I worked with design to help and built out the prototype for the store, which they could take to upper management to propose the design and prove functionality. From there, I had my hands in every aspect of the new store. From creating new layouts in code, to helping design realize their vision. My role was to not only be the last line of defense for the UI between Microsoft and consumers, but to also be aware of platform constraints that could hinder the designers vision.

What is a Design Developer? I am a UX designer who has learned to code, UI Developer, knows the platform I am working in like the back of my hand, can rapid prototype, works with developers and designers and speaks both languages, works on helping design land their vision, polishes the UI in production code, expert in accessability, UI, UX, and reflowing visuals, and can bridge the gap between professions to help make sure the product is at its highest quality. We are the superheros between the product and its users to make sure the user experience is at its best.