Hi, My name is Donn Vey.

I am a UX designer, UI designer, interaction designer, front end developer, avid gamer, and VR enthusiast. I love all things related to design and technology, and I am always looking to challenge myself. I am currently a full stack Senior UX designer for AWS designing and helping to develop enterprise applications. I graduated from the Art Institute of Seattle in 2010 with my BFA in Graphic Design, and in 2007 from Bellevue Community College (Now called Bellevue College) with a general arts and sciences Associates degree. Over my years as a UX designer and front end developer, I have helped launch many products from Amazon, Microsoft, and beyond. In my spare time, I have taken the time to explore, learn, and deep dive on how to develop games and game mods in Unreal, and launched multiple mods for the PC game Ark: Survival Evolved. I find game development a fun bridge between design, development, and my hobby of gaming.

Here is a list of some notable products I have helped launch from Microsoft and Amazon:
Amazon Alexa mobile app, Fire Tablet FOS6, Fire TV remote mobile app, Windows 10, Windows 10 Store, Windows 10 photo app, Xbox One, Windows phone 8, Amazon WorkDocs, Groove Music, & other various smaller projects I have touched.

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